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Khartoum at Night looks at Sudanese history through fashion

So I wasn’t inventing the importance of fashion in these people’s lives. It confirmed for me how fashion worked to mark life-changing events.” “Khartoum at Night,” which itself is the name of a historic tobe, explores the history of the tobe and the role it played in the 20th century. “The form of wrapping stays more or less the same, but two things happen in the first half of the 20th century,” Brown said. “First, more and more women start to wear the tobe. Historically, it was an elite garment — imported and expensive. However, as trade routes increased, cheaper versions became available. Second, the garment had been เสื้อ คู่ ขายส่ง reserved for married women. But in the 20th century unmarried women began to wear the tobe as well. Girls adopted it to wear to school, and a white tobe edged with blue stripes became the uniform for medical midwives.” The history of tobes reveals other things about Sudanese women’s social status, too.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://news.ku.edu/2017/08/07/khartoum-night-looks-sudanese-history-through-fashion

REUTERS/Jason Lee HANOI (Reuters) - Tensions are high on the South China Sea as Vietnam faces off against China over their overlapping maritime claims. But for the boatmen on the junks cruising the calm expanse of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, another growing Chinese presence in the region is very welcome indeed. “More than half our tourists are Chinese now,” said Nguyen Van Phu, 33, who has spent six years working on the boats that chug between the bay’s spectacular stone towers. “If they stopped coming it would be a big problem, if not a disaster.” The number of Chinese tourists in Vietnam has surged this year, just one sign of the growing economic ties between two long-time enemies. Chinese investment in Vietnam is also increasing rapidly, as is trade between the two countries. But while tourists, trade and investment are being welcomed, they also present a challenge for a fiercely independent country like Vietnam, which has been wary of China’s growing influence in the region. “The rising economic dependence on China makes it more difficult for Vietnam to decide how far to confront China on the South China Sea,” said Nguyen Khac Giang, a researcher at the Vietnam Economics and Policy Research Institution. Vietnam would suffer far more than China economically in the event of political instability given its smaller size, he said. China exports more goods to Vietnam than any other country in Southeast Asia, sending textiles to be made into shirts and sneakers, and electronic components for mobile phones and large flat-panel displays. Those completed products are exported around the world, as well as back to China. Vietnam also makes electronics components for factories in China, and exports computers for Chinese consumers.

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