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For all the headwinds retailers face — including a real estate glut and consumers that prioritize experiences over clothing — there’s still a fighting chance at survival. Deb Gabor, CEO of retail strategy consultancy firm Sol Marketing, says prom offers a window for department stores to connect with teen shoppers and convert them into lifelong customers.  “This is a huge opportunity for Lord & Taylor or for department stores who are really seeing hard times now, it’s an opportunity to access a demographic they’re not getting at,” Gabor told Yahoo Style. “Customer lifetime value is a key metric that retailers should be looking at. That is, how much are customers worth to them over their lifetime? If these retailers are creating this amazing, differentiated experience for prom dress shopping, once these young women go to college and look for formal dresses for their sorority or campus organization, once they go through their lives, they might look back to the department store they got their prom dress from.” And the opportunity is ripe for the taking. In recent earnings calls, both Macy’s and Nordstrom executives said that sales in women’s apparel, “most notably active and dresses” in Macy’s case , were bright spots in otherwise bleak quarterly reports. For its part, Macy’s was among the top retailers for successful paid online searches for prom dresses this year, though it fell behind online-only retailer JJ’s House. Other retailers are already rising to the occasion, so to speak. Lord & Taylor launched its national “The Dress Address” marketing campaign and revealed a  new, dress-only floor in its New York City flagship location spanning 30,000 square fashion online feet, all in an attempt to get shoppers in stores — and keep them coming back. Another possible lifeline for department stores includes catering to the underserved plus-size dress market . While teens who don’t fit the standard sizing chart might be able to find a plus-size dress online, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to try them on in-store like their smaller-sized peers, and so far, department stores haven’t made those sizes as accessible.

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